• Surrender the Wind The lush descriptions of the southern countryside, the witty repartee between the characters, the factual descriptions of battles woven into the storylines, and the rich characters kept me glued to the pages."

    Alwyztrouble's Romance Reviews

  • Surrender the Wind received the "Crowned Heart" for excellence. "With twists and turns...and several related subplots woven in, no emotional stone is left unturned in this romance."

    InD'tale Magazine

  • The Winds of Fate “…captivating romance that takes us to the world of seventeenth-century London…Sexual tension and legal and familial intrigue ensue with the reader cheering on the lovely pair.”

    Publishers Weekly

  • “Original…strong-willed heroine…I love all of it…the unlikely premise of a female member of the aristocracy visiting a man who is condemned to die and asking him to marry her.”

    ABNA Reviewer

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  • The Winds of Fate “has everything…full of passion, betrayal, mystery and all the good stuff readers love.”

    ABNA Reviewer